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Do you ever find yourself in creative quicksand?

Example 1:

Your project is too big, overwhelming and complicated for you to move forward-what do you do next?

Example 2:

Your project needs more time than you have available to make any progress towards completion.

Example 3:

Your project is dying from the lack of funds it needs to be realized.

Example 4:

Your idea is so big it is beyond your ability to even figure out the next step in the creative process.

So how do you get out of these dangerous creative scenarios? Don’t panic. Struggling and thrashing just make you sink faster.

Creative Tactic 1:

Stop and re-examine the goal of the project. Break it down into small, achievable steps. If you need to, break those steps down further until you can start taking action.

Creative Tactic 2:

Can you adjust your schedule for a short period of time to get more progress? Can you use some vacation time to finish it up? Can you expand the scope of the project and share the work with other creatives you trust?

Creative Tactic 3:

Seek alternative funding. If you can determine what money is needed, try ” We’re the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.”

Creative Tactic 4:

Research and study the different facets of your project. Depending on the nature of the project, seek additional education through classes. Find a mentor. Mentors can come in many forms-books, websites, podcasts, blogs, seminars, magazines, tv shows–you never know what will lead you to your breakthrough.

Ask for help. Creative friends you trust or online communities with forums can be safe places for you to ask questions and get advice to get your project back on track.



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Post originally published on 5_13_2011.

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